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There is a certain combination of pride and dismay upon finishing up a beauty product. On one hand, I’m proud of myself for either consistently using a product to the very last drop, seeing results, etc. But on the other hand, it does mean replacing said product, because if I get to the bottom of a jar, tube, or bottle, it means I love love love what was inside. So today I wanted to share a few of the products that I’ve gone through and why I will definitely be re-upping my supply.

Body Products

  • OSEA Undaria Oil : I used to be so bad about caring for the skin below my neck – until I started to see just how dry and neglected my body was when compared to my face. I added in this beloved-by-many OSEA body oil last year, and now I cannot imagine stepping out of the shower and not putting this on immediately. It soaks into my skin, leaves it supple and glowing, without ever feeling greasy. I love that it is packaged in glass, which makes it easier to recycle with Terracycle. This is my second bottle, and I already had a 3rd waiting in the wings so that I wouldn’t be without. And as a reminder, you can use my code (AMB-PLF10) for 20% off of any purchase on their site.
  • Nécessaire Fragrance Free Body Lotion : This is the sort of product that I will cut open the tube of when I’m getting near the end, just to scrape out every last bit. I use this on my feet and hands especially (love that it is fragrance free) but it’s just overall a really nice non-irritating and simple feeling moisturizer. I think this is my 4th tube of this product, and it’s something I’ll definitely reorder.

Face Products

  • MARA Vitamin C Oil, MARA Universal Oil, and MARA Enzyme Oil Cleanser : If it wasn’t already very clear, I am a big fan of MARA. I had thought about calculating how many bottles of each of these I’ve gone through, but to be honest I’ve lost count. I wear the Universal oil just about every day, I use the cleansing oil every single night (and it’s often what I use when I gua sha as it gives excellent gliding), and the Vitamin C oil is what I reach for when my skin feels a little dull. I especially love that MARA has their own recycling program, so when I’m ready to restock, I can request a label directly from them, and know that these glass bottles will be cleaned and used again.
  • Sisley Paris Black Rose Precious Oil : I tend to use this oil sparingly with the price point being higher than my daily oil, and use it for more ‘special’ occasions, like events, dinners, and photoshoots. It never fails to deliver a glow, works really well with my sensitive skin, and every drop really does feel precious. This is the bottle that I nearly went through while filming back in October, and I just now reached the very end – a bittersweet moment for sure, but it’s one I will be re-ordering.
  • Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream : This was another product I picked up for filming, and one that I used exclusively on my neck and décolletage, which is why it took a little longer to get through. I tend not to use creams on my face much but if I’m going to, I like this one for the almost watery texture that is absorbed right away.
  • Furtuna Skin Eye Cream : I could probably spend an hour talking about how much I love this eye cream, not only for how well it’s worked for my under eye circles and darkness, but for also how long a little jar of this will go. It is a pricey option but with how long it will last and how well it works, it’s one that I feel okay about treating myself to when I run out. It’s also one that I feel fierce about protecting when traveling with, so it’s one I tend to guard with my life in my makeup bag.

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