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For me, being at home means a completely different wardrobe. The second I’m through the door, my shoes are off and I’m changing into something flowy, comfortable, and a bit romantic. Jeans and shoes have no place in my home, unless I’m headed out the door.

And since we will be continuing to stay at home more than ever, I decided it was time to dust off the laptop and share some of my favorite options for at-home comfort with a touch of dreaminess. Missing on this list? Sweatpants and leggings. While I don’t have anything against either, to me, a ‘house dress’ has always been my favorite option, particularly in the Summer. Bonus points if it is cute enough to be able to go outside and grab the mail in.

And just as a note – since these are usually my options for when I’m ‘off-duty’ the image quality is a bit lower than my usual, as it is mostly quick iPhone snaps. But hey, you’ll still get the idea.

Doen Rib Knit Set

Initially I was only going to order the top from this set when I was browsing Doen, but predictably, they hooked me with another piece. It happens every time I venture onto their site, so really, I should have known better. I love Doen’s thermal tops (for everything from cold weather layering to just a cute option to pair with denim) and now that they make shorts too (in the cutest print no less) I had to get a little set. Did I mention that I bought a matching mask too? They really got me this time.

Sleeper Atlanta Dress

One of my favorite brands for chic loungewear is of course, Sleeper. I first started wearing the brand last year, and was immediately hooked on their fairytale-like nightgowns. I’ve since added a few more to my collection, but I think my favorite is the Atlanta dress in white linen. I packed it on our trip to Ireland (which now feels like a lifetime ago) and have worn it plenty since when hanging around the house. While it is on the pricier side, I love Sleeper’s pieces for their quality and their commitment to fair wages for their seamstresses.

Hill House Nap Dress

This is my newest dress for around the house, and I just love the name of it – The Nap Dress. How perfect, right? While it is a lighter-weight option and fairly sheer, I still think it is perfect for swanning about the house, even if you can’t necessarily go outside in it. And the airy cotton means it really does live up to it’s name, as it feels perfectly comfortable when taking a nap even in a heatwave.

Doen Nightgown

While this nightgown is technically no longer available (Doen pieces move notoriously fast!), I noticed they released a tank + shorts version of this look recently and figured it wouldn’t hurt to share. Feels a bit like something the Lisbon girls would wear in ‘The Virgin Suicides’, no?

Sleeper Brigitte Dress

I think if you grew up watching ‘Sense & Sensibility’ as much as I did, the idea of a short puff sleeve gown is majorly appealing – moreso if you’ve also seen the latest version of Emma. To recreate your very own regency-era moment of romance, I highly recommend the Brigitte dress from Sleeper – particularly in this sweet rose print. It’s perfectly comfortable for wearing around the house, and I particularly like slipping into it after a shower or a bath.

Trois Silk Set

Ok ok ok, this set is technically not something you could even think about leaving the house in, but I would be remiss to not include it. I love Trois SO MUCH, and have always wanted to own a piece. This is my first order from them and will definitely not be the last. A completely sheer and undeniably sexy set made of silk, yes please.


  • Elle Kirk
  • July 19, 2020

Love the white flows linen gowns. I get my from a Jane Austen website and the gown is with a beautiful overwrap runs about £ 35. Enjoying your website. ) I read about you from SteamLine.. have a great day. Elle

  • Adeline
  • July 25, 2020

Beautiful pics ! Your posts are always inspiring 🙂

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