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Last week I had the honor of spending the afternoon with one of my favorite brands, Ferragamo, at their SOHO store. Their latest project (exclusive to this location) finds the house making its foray into the NFT space, which is a first for me as well. They’ve launching a multi-sensory booth where clients and visitors will be able to personalize, curate and own free NFTs artworks (curated by digital artist SHXPIR) and I was one of the first to get to try it out.

The store is, in and of itself, it’s own experience, but the NFT customization booth was so incredible to try out. I was able to literally step into my very own NFT and customize it – which you can see in the background behind me in the booth. In addition, the store has had a complete transformation with plush blue carpeting and pieces exclusive to the SOHO location. If you find yourself in SOHO, stop in to the Ferragamo store at 63 Greene Street to experience it for yourself.

(Pieces featured on loan from Ferragamo)

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