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Sometimes you just gotta get back in the saddle. I’ve been a fan of the cowgirl-chic look for a while – I guess it comes from the fact that I grew up with a truck-driving, levis-wearing, smoking-spitting-and-drinking grandpa that I loved dearly. He always had a John Wayne movie playing on TV, and Johnny Cash was the standard by which all songs were judged. He wore bolo-ties, western belts, and a pretty rad amount of turquoise.

I think that’s why this outfit features some of my favorites. Favorite bellbottoms, favorite tee, and my favorite vintage boots. I think it’s a look my grandpa would have been proud of – especially given that both of the companies I am wearing are from the USA by great companies like Bandit Brand and PYLO.

ladies love outlaws tee / PYLO gypsy jeans

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