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Down the hill from my house is a little old church with a teensy cemetery. Living in LA means that sights like this are often rare, and feel more like something you would see in the MidWest or the South. It’s nice to know that there’s a touch of that charm everywhere – even in busy cities. It really makes me miss travelling a lot – I’ve seen so many incredible places in the US, but I’m itching to see more.

I found this sweet little crochet number online, and knew it was a perfect piece for me. Sweet, a touch of bohemian, but mostly just extremely comfortable. Score. And since it was under $40, I knew I could safely splurge on it. I’ve been trying to save money lately for travel, because at the end of the day, seeing new places is more important to me than wearing new clothes. I mean, in a perfect world I’m wearing new clothes in a new place, but hey, you can’t win them all.

crochet dress / vintage boots

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