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Lately I’ve been all about easy shapes, neutral colors, and extreme comfort. Maybe it’s just because the days are so much shorter, but the idea of putting on a full complicated outfit seems too daunting. Too many buttons or straps or uncomfortable shoes is just not where my head is at.

Which is not to say that I’ve forsaken the idea of dressing fashionably – far from. The simplest outfits seem so appealing to me now. Sometimes slightly tomboy-ish and sometimes just very classic American. I’m really into it right now, and this sweater I got from PYLO fits in perfectly. It’s still a modern shape, but the neutrality of it will carry me through many seasons. Paired with my trusty mom jeans, it’s a dream of an outfit for me.

oversize cable sweater by PYLO / farleigh mom jeans from ASOS / Jeffrey Campbell buckle booties

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