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It’s Cyber Monday, everyone! I figured today I would share one of my favorite online brands – PepaLoves! They are from Spain, and have just launched their US site! Hooray!! Now all of my local ladies can get their hands on these dreamy styles. If you like sweet styles like I do, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to love PepaLoves. Plus, I’m pleased to announce a little contest they have going …

PepaLoves is going to be giving one lucky lady $150 (!!!) to spend on the site! All you have to do is register your email account to be entered. That’s it! So easy and so quick! Plus, while you’re on the site, you can browse some of their new Holiday collection, which pretty much gives me Emoji heart-eyes every time I look at it. The contest goes until December 19th, so good luck ladies!

Irene Dress / Vintage heels

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