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I’ll be the first to admit, that I tend to be a little on the unhealthy side. I don’t exercise nearly as much as I should, and I have a real weakness for a good cheeseburger or taco. Lately, I’ve been trying to change that – moving to a new neighborhood has meant a significant increase in my daily walking, and I’ve even begun to do simple workouts in my living room. I’m by no means a fitness guru, but I already feel so much better than I did before. There was just the pesky problem of getting enough nutrition and vitamins in – but lo and behold, Aloha was the easy answer.

Aloha is an organic, vegan company that makes the most amazing whole food powders and superfood chocolates. It’s hard for me to normally enjoy health foods, but when you have chocolate that tastes this good and is filled with this many antioxidants, it’s hard to refuse. They’re really handy bars for when I’m at my desk at work and need a quick energy boost. Did I mention how mind-blowingly tasty they are?

I’ve also really been into the powders that they sell – I used the Berry flavored one, mixed it with some frozen blueberries and almond milk for a quick nutritious breakfast. It’s so much easier to carry a small container of juice with me, than juggle a much-less healthy stack of toast on my ride to work. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to be able to stick to incorporating healthier foods in my day-to-day, but having a little Aloha handy has made the decision so much easier.

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