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I’ve only lived in LA for a year and a half – I’m a transplant like most residents. I started working in LA over 10 years ago, so I’ve always felt familiar with the place, but there’s something different about living here. It’s such a vast, spread-out place, but you get comfortable and familiar with it faster than you think. So when this art project nicknamed Bates Motel went up, I was excited to shoot there before it went away for good.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s an old motel that an artist painted entirely white. And I mean ENTIRELY. I’m talking palm trees, fence, ground, everything. Every square inch is beautifully and perfectly white, and it stands out in such a colorful neighborhood. I headed there with the talented photographer Michelle Roller to shoot this dress by Loup. My favorite brand + my favorite photographer meant that I really love the way this shoot turned out!

loup garcon dress / zara patent boots

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