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A lot of the time, this is what I’m wearing. Sure I’ll throw on a different pair of boots or flats, but for the most part – this is my uniform. A thrashed tee, high-waist jeans, and a jacket of some kind. You may be asking yourself – how the hell will I survive when it starts heating up this Summer?

The answer is : I DON’T KNOW. I live in California (always have) and have never really liked showing my legs. I live for my skinny jeans. They’re my security blanket. But when I’m faced with brain-melting temperatures, what ever shall I do? I don’t even have an answer for this yet, because I just try to ignore the impending heatwave for as long as possible.

And it’s not like it isn’t already here. I don’t have AC in my car, so I’m already feeling the effects. A part of me wonders if maybe, just MAYBE, I haven’t met the right pair of shorts. Maybe there’s the perfect high-rise, not-too-cheeky pair out there that will save me. But until then? Long live the skinny jeans.

vintage metallica tee / a gold e high rise jeans / burberry boots / asos belt / strathberry purse / UO x understated leather jacket

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