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Mules are definitely having a moment right now – and I don’t mean the animal. It seems like everywhere I turn, there’s a girl wearing mules, and I gotta be honest – I’m into it.

The word Mule used to imply dowdy, mumsy, and not-at-all-cute. I remember being in grade school, and having a teacher who wore long floral dresses, mules, and vests daily. It was pretty much the 90s uniform of teachers. And while those kitten heeled mules still give me nightmares, the new styles are super covetable, and comfortable.

from left to right: vintage (similar) / daisy street western mule / jeffrey campbell (similar) / jeffrey campbell (similar)

I’m going to be going on a big road trip soon (OMG WILL I EVER SHUT UP ABOUT MY HONEYMOON), so I’ve been hunting for a comfortable shoe that will work for long hours in the car and out and about exploring.

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