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“Where do you like to shop?” It’s a question I’ve been asked more times than I can count on my Instagram page, and for a variety of different posts. Housewares, clothes, shoes, makeup and skincare – there are a million different e-commerce shops out there, and weeding through them can be tough. But as an avid online shopper, I’ve spent a fair amount of time hunting around the web for pieces for my daily life, so today on PrettyLittleFawn, I’m rounding up a list of my current favorite online shopping destinations.

finelifeco // I’ve been following this shop’s IG account since it first launched, thanks to shop owner Emily Benziger. It’s a perfect collection of new, vintage, and handmade. I find lots of gifts via her site, shoes, and small housewares. Not only that, but the layout and photography makes it easily one of the most soothing online shops to visit. // PLFpicks : desert poster / cellar & spoon / betty clog

catbird // I didn’t used to like jewelry at all. Catbird changed that for me. Their collection of in-house delicate rings and necklaces is entirely swoon-worthy, but their beauty products are a huge draw for me too. I’ve discovered new favorite beauty brands thanks to them (like French Girl Organics, Mullein & Sparrow, Grown Alchemist) – and am currently planning a ring purchase for my birthday/anniversary this June. // PLFpicks : smoke&violets perfume / mullein & sparrow soak / rooftop saturday candle / crescent moon ring

mooreaseal // My go-to source for office accessories and paper goods, as well small housewares. Moorea Seal is a great shopping destination, and even better, the company is committed to giving back via various charities. // PLFpicks : miles mule / middle finger embroidery / russian rose notebook

violet grey // Easily my biggest indulgence is splurging on different products via Violet Grey. They’re different from major beauty retailers in that every product they carry they stand personally behind with their ‘violet grey code’. I’ve purchased my Oribe hair products here, discovered new La Mer that I had to have, plus various little discoveries. To me their site is just as much about shopping as it is about beauty education (see The Violet Files). // PLFpicks : charlotte tilbury lipstick / la mer renewal oil / susanne kaufmann soak

Bando // And finally, near and dear to my heart – Bando. They burst onto the scene years ago, and have been a hit ever since. To me it’s not only because of what they make, but because of the team behind it. From owner Jen Gotch‘s fearless honesty via her own IG account, to each and every person working there, you get the sense that Bando isn’t just a shop, it’s a community. Purchasing from them makes me feel like I’m part of some cool club, and I look forward to their packages like no other. // PLFpicks : I don’t work here mug / agenda / vegas pj top / nail decals

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