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I’m a California born and raised girl, through and through. And while I may have a special fondness for knits and coats, there is nothing in the world quite like Springtime in California. The days get longer and warmer, and what was once green begins to turn honey-colored. It never fails to remind me of being young, and waiting for the school year to end.

I grew up in Orange County, and while there have been countless TV shows about my hometown, the reality is far simpler and sleepier (at least where I was raised). Orange County gets its name from the amount of orange groves that once blanketed the landscape. And while there are still some left now, there were even more citrus groves when I was a kid. The smell of citrus and an unmistakable earthy scent are the fragrance of Summer to me.

When I was gifted Atelier Cologne’s Clementine California from Sephora, I spritzed it and immediately was transported to that time in my life – when Spring is ending and Summer feels as though it is just around the corner. Clementine California captures that feeling, along with a bit of a darker tone underneath, something much more sensual than just light citrus scents. I love being able to spritz this scent not just on my skin, but also in my hair, to capture that feeling of the wind blowing through the citrus groves and carrying their fragrance far and wide. It really is Summer captured in a bottle, and I know it will be a scent I travel with in the coming months, to help remind me of home.

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