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Our latest trip was a week long road trip through the Cotswolds and a few days in London. We celebrated our anniversary, my birthday, and had the best time!

A huge thank you to Hertz for providing our rental car. Learn more about them at http://www.hertz.com

Original music by Eric Neujahr

For full outfit details and links to all the hotels and restaurants, head to this blog post : http://www.prettylittlefawn.com/2018/…

Voiceover transcript: So we drove through the Cotswolds last November, and we knew we wanted to be able to come back and see it in the Summer. We picked a bunch of different hotels to stay at – each of them completely different from the other. But all of them had these beautiful gardens, bees buzzing, flowers blooming – you know – Summer. I’d be lying if I said most of the clothing I picked for this trip wasn’t influenced by, like, Pride & Prejudice.

We got to do these little day trips and see places like The Roman Baths, and we even got to see a couple of places I saved on Instagram like Vicar’s Close in Wells. It’s a street I’ve always wanted to see in person. I think the best part about our trip was that we got to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Just the two of us, in the countryside, pretty much like how I wanted. I loved spending as much time in the countryside as we did, which is why I’m glad we rented a car or else we wouldn’t have been able to see all of it. But, after a couple of days of relaxation, it was time to head into my favorite city – London.

For my birthday we got to go and have tea at Sketch in London. And if you’ve never been, every surface in there is pink, it’s covered in artwork, and it is fancy fancy fancy. We spent some time in Shoreditch over on the east side. It’s definitely one of our favorite spots in London, mostly because it has a ton of vintage shopping and great bars – it’s just a fun area. On our last day we got to hit up the Columbia Road Flower Market, and then after that it was time to catch a plane and head home.

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