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While the last time I spoke on my blog about flying, I was sharing my experience in the extreme comfort of an International Business Class flight (my first and hopefully not my last fancy flight), today I’m here to share the reality of what most international flights look like for me. Eric and I always fly economy, and while it’s not exactly a comfortable experience when you’re stuck in a seat for 11 hours, we have learned a few tips + tricks when it comes to what to bring on board with you. Click through to see my recommendations for what will get you through without feeling like an absolute wreck when you land.

COZY COMFORT // I never thought I would become that person who brings their own blanket on board, but here we are. Our flight this very day is a redeye, that puts us into London at 10:30am tomorrow. So if you’re like me and cannot sleep without a blanket, bringing one from home is pretty great. This one by Ketzal is thin and small, and can be worn as a scarf (albeit a large scarf) while boarding. It’s a bit of a splurge given that it is cashmere, but oh my word, it has really lended me some in flight comfort as of late. Pair it with some cashmere socks if you’re feeling extra fancy, and you’re good to go.

IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT // I think it goes without saying that you WILL be bored in flight at some point. My solution is, constant podcasts and books on tape. I usually will download a new audiobook before flying, but I also will purposely not catch up on my favorite podcasts so that I can have a lot of new content to listen to. My favorite in-flight podcasts are usually Last Podcast on the Left, My Favorite Murder, The Dollop, and Casefile. Which is to say – I like true crime, comedy, and some history. I can’t live without my bluetooth headphones (and they’re on major sale on Amazon), and pretty much turn them on as soon as I get to the airport. I tend to get a little anxious around travel, so having a little voice to listen to in my head helps. I feel a bit like I’m in my own world, and it always soothes me.

EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE // This probably won’t come as a surprise, but as someone who prides themselves on efficient packing (I hate the trope of a blogger with 8 suitcases), I love having a carryon that has everything in its place. This backpack from This is Ground is our latest travel companion, and we are obsessed. While it won’t be what I carry, Eric will be in charge of this sleek backpack that not only looks great, but has a pouch for EVERYTHING. Our laptop, multiple cameras, back up batteries, passports, even snacks. There are organization cubes for everything, and zippers and compartments that are as efficient as they are chic. I’m hooked.

BEAUTY ESSENTIALS // Flying is a dirty, moisture-sucking experience that can leave you feeling especially gross by the time you land. Since we have limited time on this trip, there won’t be a lot of downtime when we land to freshen up, take a shower, and restart the day. We pretty much will need to start shooting and exploring once we land, so I don’t have time for dull skin. My current favorites for in-flight are a moisturizing sheet mask (pick any from Joanna Vargas), the Fresh Vitamin C mist, and these acid treatment pads from Dr. Dennis Gross. They’re super easy to pack, and after washing your face, you can give yourself a bit of a spa treatment before you (hopefully) doze off. Another key thing to pack? Your own mirror. I picked up this lighted one from Simple Human and it’s a lifesaver. Who wants to try to do their skincare in that teeny airplane bathroom anyway?

A RARE TREAT // Last but not least, is exactly what I would recommend if you’re traveling with a small child, but it works equally well for adults – pack yourself a treat. Flying is a draaaag. It’s exciting to go somewhere new, but it can be a bit maddening if you’re like me and tend to spend the whole time awake. So, my advice is to always pack yourself a small treat. Whether that is in the form of a new magazine or book, a homemade sandwich, or even one of those fun in-flight cocktail kits – pick something that you can look forward to at hour 8 when you’re pretty much over the whole experience.

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  • October 26, 2021

With all of these stuff, I think I would have a comfortable flight.

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