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Cozy knits will always be a staple of my wardrobe – despite living in a state that rarely requires that I wear one. There’s just something about the perfect sweater that can make you feel like your look is not only completely comfortable, but styled and put-together. So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite sweaters + a list of my favorite places to shop for them.

SEZANE // What, you thought I’d post about my favorite sweaters and somehow not mention the French e-shop that I am completely obsessed with? Sezane has been killing the style game for a while now, but I get most excited when they start putting out their knitwear. Everything fits a bit tailored, and the colors are always so chic and sophisticated looking. I like that they have both thinner knits (to avoid looking bulky) and some chunkier oversize pieces for when the holiday dishes start coming out in full force. This pink number is pretty darling, but I think the one I will be wearing most this season is this color-blocked knit I spotted on Bethany of TwentySomethingPlus.

KRISTINIT // I love a good local brand, and this LA based label couldn’t be more local in my books. I love Kristinit for dresses and dressier pieces, but their latest knitwear launch is also pretty fab too. This Burgundy + Red turtleneck is a great oversize piece, and has – get this- hidden pockets. WIN WIN.

DOEN // Sure, we all know Doen for their ethereal dresses and gauzy tops, but they are also absolute geniuses when it comes to knitwear too. I ordered this cardigan on presale when it was still boiling hot in August, and while it was a bit of a gamble (and a splurge) I have worn it a TON since it arrived. They are on the pricier side, but the quality and craftsmanship you get with their pieces is apparent from the moment your order arrives. Plus, who doesn’t love shopping small?

MANGO // To be honest, I don’t shop Mango’s selection very often, as it’s not a store that is available anywhere near me. But while I was in New York last week by myself, I had some time to kill before a meeting and popped into the Mango shop in Soho. This knit was calling my name (and on sale too!) so I had to indulge. I will definitely be packing this one for London next week, so get ready to see a whole lot more of it.

REBECCA TAYLOR // Okay, this sweater has all of my favorite colors, puff sleeves, and is perfectly cozy. What more is there to say other than I will be styling it with this chic little CREAGH bag and feeling very wintery-chic, thank you very much.

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