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For the next week (at least), I’m pretty much going to be confined to my home. I work from home as part of my job, but usually spend plenty of time out and about, either shooting photos or else attending events. And while I still may do a little bit of that, my excursions are going to be pretty limited for the foreseeable future.

This week, Mops went through a pretty in-depth surgery. She’s doing well, and recovering at home, but during the next 7-10 days, she can’t really be left alone. She has some stitches and pretty serious incisions that need plenty of time to heal. Which means no running, no jumping, no walks, and no chewing or scratching the affected areas. So during that time, Eric and I are sitting with her round the clock. We’ve been taking it in shifts, but it does mean a lot of time spent indoors.

I’m the type of person who immediately takes their shoes off and changes into comfy clothing once I know I’m in for the evening. But since I’m not really leaving the house much at all, I’m planning on wearing comfy clothing 24/7. I think loungewear for me can border on the sloppy side (hello giant vintage Marlboro tee + raggedy sweat pants) so I’m trying to look at least a little put together for the times I have to answer the door or take Mops outside.

Below are some of my favorite picks for staying in + a few at-home comforts that I’m loving right now. Creating a calm and healing environment for Mops has been so important, and creating a home environment for myself that doesn’t make me go stir-crazy has been key.

SCENTS // One of the first things I think about when creating a cozy home environment, is scent. I am candle-obsessed, and have at least one burning every night. My current favorite for in our bedroom is this Lola Jame Harper amber glass candle. It’s so beautiful that I was hesitant to light it, but the scent was too rich to resist.

One of the first things I think about when creating a cozy home environment, is scent.

In the living room, where Mops is spending most of her time, I have a Vitruvi oil diffuser with a little bit of bergamot in it. I know there are some concerns over using essential oils near a dog, but as it’s a large room and a high-quality diffuser, there are no real risks. Be careful when selecting which oils to diffuse, as some can be bothersome for your pets.

LOUNGEWEAR // Since most of my days will be spent tending to Mops’ medication, cleaning the affected area, and washing plenty of towels for her to lay on, I want to be comfortable. But, since I do tend to receive packages throughout the day, I don’t want to entirely scare off the delivery guy by wearing my largest tee and my holiest of sweats. I want to try to keep this time feeling as relaxing as possible without it slipping into just being lazy, letting my hair get too dirty, or ignoring the dishes in the kitchen. A clean home is a happy home, and let’s face it, I feel more productive when I look at least a little put-together.

My most-loved loungewear set is this linen one by Deiji Studios. I wear it all the time, and have worn the top as a beach cover-up as well as styled the pants for a casual look while running errands. It’s so cozy, and looks just effortless. Plus, it’s easy to move around in, so it’s what I reach for most often. While it’s currently sold out in the smaller size, I did find some great pieces on Lou&Grey’s site that look just as lux and just as comfy.


  • lynn
  • February 14, 2019

I hope your dog has is healing! Love the new blog look too!

  • Courtney Halverson
  • February 14, 2019

You’re the first to see! It hasn’t been officially launched just yet, but I’m glad you like it! xoxo

  • Johnna LaFaith
  • February 17, 2019

Also, loving the new look! I really love that you’re still blogging even though I’m sure your schedule is increasingly demanding.

  • Courtney Halverson
  • February 18, 2019

Hi Johnna!
Yes! I actually took a little bit of a break from blogging to have new content saved up for when this new design launches (this week!). I really prefer blogs over IG so I’m excited to get back into a more regular posting schedule on here. So glad you like the new design!!

  • Colleda
  • February 20, 2019

Just popped in to see if the new website was up and I was not disappointed! Love the new look! Retro, yet chic, and it perfectly matches your esthetic, Bravo!

  • Zoe Osborne-Murphy
  • February 21, 2019

Okay love love love this!! I would love to see more of your sweet home decor/style tips on Instagram as well. You have the best personal style all around! The little leather handle on the side table??? Yes please! (@zoeosbornemurphy)

  • Cara Leiona
  • February 21, 2019

I work from home most of the week writing my dissertation for a PhD in French Lit and the only thing that keeps me going is my dog sitting next to me while I write! Nice to have some extra tips for keeping the blues away. @cara_leiona

  • Melissa
  • February 22, 2019

You really are the queen of the chic loungewear!


  • Sarah Lund
  • February 22, 2019

I love the Mops updates!! Sending love to little doggo! Also, I so need some big-girl lounge/sleepwear… I’m definitely gonna keep the linen set from Deiji in mind! I love your style! Currently about to go to bed in my raggedy thrift store pajama pants that are a size too big lol #noshame @sarah_anne_lund

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