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As a blogger, I use my hands a lot. Whether it’s on stories on Instagram Stories to show the latest product I’m obsessed with, or else on my feed as part of a jewelry post, my hands tend to find their way onto the internet fairly often. And while I used to hardly wear nail polish, these days I’m more often than not with a manicure. As on the nose as it sounds, I feel like a polished nail looks more, well, polished. Over the past few years, I’ve experimented with a few nail colors that have now become my go-tos, and in fact, one of the questions I receive most often via DM is ‘what color nail polish is that?’. So today, I’m sharing four of my favorite shades for keeping your hands looking polished and fresh.

The most recent color I’ve fallen in love with was a last minute selection at my local nail shop. I typically get gel manicures as they last a lot longer for someone who doesn’t have a dishwasher / takes a lot of baths. I hate the look of chipped nails and would rather have no polish than have chipped nails – so gel it is for me. When I was at the nail shop last week, I spotted this warm mauve-brown shade and selected it based on the little number written on the swatch. When the nail tech started painting my nails, I saw that the shade is called A-Piers To Be Tan by OPI. It’s a new favorite for me for sure, and when I go back in a few weeks, I’m planning on getting the same shade. I like that it’s a bit darker than my previous nail colors, and so far, it’s gotten plenty of compliments!

As a blogger, I use my hands a lot.

The color I wore almost exclusively last summer was another OPI shade called Going My Way or Norway. It’s a light, almost barely there taupe-pinky shade that I found worked so well with all of the white and cream dresses I wore over the Summer. I loved how subtle it was, and when my nails grew out, it wasn’t super obvious that I needed a fresh manicure.

Two other colors that I’ve tried out recently and really liked were Yank My Doodle (!!) and It’s a Piazza Cake, both by – you guessed it – OPI. Look, at this point you’d be forgiven for thinking this post was sponsored by OPI, but I assure you, it’s not. It just happens to be the brand of choice at my nail shop, and since it always lasts a long time for me, I tend to stay pretty brand loyal to them out of habit. It’s a Piazza Cake is a fun orangey red that I found really popped with outfits, and Yank My Doodle (aside from the fun name) was a real conversation starter when I was at events. It seems like finding the perfect muted dusty rose color is a constant struggle for most, so I was always happy to share the nail color to anyone who asked.

So there you have it! Four colors that are my current favorites for keeping my hands looking fresh. What are some of your favorite colors? Let me know in the comments section below!


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