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I think it’s no secret that hair clips and accessories are having a bit of a revival at the moment. Gone are the days of the thin black elastic meant to just hold your hair up and disappear. Gone are the bobby pins that are never meant to be seen. Lately, it’s felt a lot more like the 90s when it comes to statement scrunchies and visible clips adorning your hair. And honestly? I’m here for it.

While hair clips and accessories are absolutely having a moment, I’m not saying I want to go right back to Y2K and slick my hair back in a headband or else cover my head in a crown of neon butterfly clips (which yes, I totally did both a lot). I like that the latest hair clips and slides are available in more muted tones, and the scrunchies that are out there are made in lux materials and modern tones.

And speaking of scrunchies, while you all have heard me profess my love for Donni scrunchies in the past (this mustard yellow silk one is a personal fav), there’s a new scrunchie I’ve been reaching for lately, but just at night. Lunya recently came out with a ‘sleep scrunchie’ and I am here for it. It skips the whole idea of having to wrap it around multiple times, and by pulling on two tabs, keeps your hair out of your face at night, preserves any curls you may have put in, and doesn’t leave a dent in your hair when you wake.

As someone who washes my hair every 4 days, I spend most days with the same hair style I went to sleep with. I curl my hair once after I’ve washed it, and then just let it do it’s thing for the next few days. This Lunya scrunchie does a good job of helping preserve my waves, as well as combat the cowlick that I have in the back that my pillow tends to bring out. I’m a fan.

Another scrunchie I’m loving is this bow one that I spotted on Noelle Downing. Now that my hair is at the length where I can start to wear top knots, I’m all about dressing it up. A cute little bow on top? Done. It comes in a lot of colors and prints, but I think it will surprise no one that I went for this mustard and dot combo.

Easily the hair accessory I reach for the most though, are these slide clips from Free People. I have them in two colors (beige tortoise and gold tortoise) and I am OBSESSED. I packed one set along for our trip to London in December, and I think wore them in every single photo. There’s not an outfit I have that they don’t work with, and I love that they can dress up any look. Lately I’ve been mixing the two colors together (on one side of my head) and I love how they look with my hair color. Be sure to check out the other colors offered (that green shade is so chic) just in case you’re more open to embracing color than I am.

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