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I’ve mentioned my love of Los Alamos a number of times on my blog. We first fell in love with this little town north of LA over 5 years ago. Since then, we’ve taken any chance we get to come back.

We almost got married down the road at the Alamo Motel, and while that’s where we normally stay when visiting, we wanted to try somewhere new. The last time we visited Los Alamos, there was a new business on the block – Bodega. An outdoor wine+beer bar in the most dreamy garden setting. When we first stopped in, we happened to have shown up on the day of their grand opening. While we were there, a really nice employee asked us if we wanted to see the apartment on the property that they were in the process of renovating. We leapt at the opportunity, mostly because we had said to ourselves a year before (when it was nowhere near as cute) ‘imagine if we bought this space’.

The interior was fairly stripped down and while there was plenty of work to be done, we could tell that someday it would be a gorgeous place to stay. Fast forward to this week when we finally had the chance to stay at the new Bodega House, on the property of Bodega wine bar.

Okay first up, my friendly reminder that if you’re new to Airbnb, click this link and sign up. You’ll get $40 off of your first stay, so it’s definitely worth it if you’ve got some travel coming up. Now that that’s out of the way, here is the link to book this incredible space. It’s walking distance to everything in Los Alamos, and if you’re wanting to get a glass of wine, you can just walk right out your front door and head into the garden of Bodega. Scroll down to see my photos of the space. Can’t wait to go back!


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