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Our trip to Ireland was just a handful of weeks ago, but it already feels like it’s from a lifetime ago.

And while things have certainly changed in the world, I wanted to share the looks from this trip, in the hopes that maybe you’ll be inspired for a trip of your own in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

Lamb Look

Barbour Jacket
Handknit Sweater
Plaid Skirt (older style, similar linked)
Frye Boots
Chupi Necklace

Library Look

Fuzzy Turtleneck
Plaid Skirt (older style, similar linked)

Baltimore Look

Eyelet Lace Dress
Pearl Drop Necklace
Frye Boots

Wallflower Look

Sea Green Knit
Chupi Necklace
Eric Bompard Skirt

Dublin Look

Barbour Jacket
Ivory Knit (Other option here)
Chloé Purse
Plaid Skirt (older style, similar linked)
Frye Boots

Walkabout Look

Puff Sleeve Blouse (Sold out – Similar Linked)
Leather Skirt (Older style)
Frye Boots

Belfast Look

Handknit Sweater
Stutterheim Raincoat
Frye Boots
Plaid Skirt (older style, similar linked)

Adare Look

Les Merveilleuses Dress + Cape
Pearl Drop Necklace

Traveling Look

Polo Ralph Lauren Knit (Older style)
Corduroy Skirt (Older style, similar linked)
Taylor & Thomas Loafers

Train Car Look

Courtney Dress
Vintage Chanel purse via MoonstoneVintage
Chupi Necklace


  • Harleen
  • April 09, 2020

So refreshing!

  • Jill
  • April 11, 2020

These looks are soooo stunning! I love all the neutral tones. They look so stunning with Ireland’s landscape. I especially love the pictures with the little sheep. So cute!


  • Colleda
  • April 14, 2020

If Ireland could be summed up with a few outfits, I think you nailed it! Would love to see more travel looks rewearing pieces in future trips – we can dream about future trips, right?!

  • Alexandra
  • May 06, 2020

I love these confy knit-mini skirt-raincoat looks! So perfect for autumn and spring x

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