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I was 100% going for a nod to Nancy Meyers by donning this cream colored knit set alongside my beloved kitchen lamp, just in case anyone was wondering. I ordered these matching pieces on a whim earlier this month and have been wearing them so much. Equal parts cozy and chic, and perfect for some of that in-between weather we’re having while we wait for Spring to properly arrive.

As a note, I know the locket is on the spendy side; I was fortunate to partner with MRK and I adore their lockets so much as keepsakes. I wanted to make sure to link to this particular one, but I encourage you to check out their site for a real range in prices and styles!

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  • David J Dills
  • May 03, 2023

Recently discovered your reels and text on instagram and appreciate your skills as a writer/actress besides your personal style and sensibilities.

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