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Today I woke up thinking about our roadtrip to Utah last month. Pining for it, really. And that’s because California is currently enduring the worst fire season I can recall.

The air here is stifled with smoke from multiple fires, my parents home may be threatened where they live, and in general it’s cast such a feeling of gloom over the city. The sickly yellowy lighting, the sun made blood red by the thick smoke, and the ash raining down into our yard and settling onto our car. It’s enough to make me want to just jump in and escape for a bit, even if that’s not a realistic response.

So for now, I’m looking back on our last trip, when we got to experience one of the most beautiful natural sights I’ve ever seen. A slot canyon with pink rocks climbing towards the sky. A little river running at our feet. Clean and fresh air. And hoping that my home state can recover soon so I can find the beauty that I know exists here too.

Dress by Dôen

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  • Himani
  • October 02, 2020

These pictures are look like paintings

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