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It’s spooky season, everybody. Although for me, I like to focus on the fact that it’s Autumn, even if the weather outside disagrees. I’ve decorated our house a bit – I usually just add pumpkins and gourds to key surfaces, some dried grasses and flowers, and of course candles – and set all of my favorite blankets out for when the time comes when we need to reach for them. Things are feeling cozy here in our living room thanks to our large couch covered in blankets, and things are also feeling a bit more ‘done’ thanks to our new rug and vintage console table. And, with the sun setting earlier, we’ve really been able to enjoy movie night more with our projector (similar version linked in this post).

I’m not a big fan of most horror movies (despite having worked on a fair few) so I like to turn on movies that just feel seasonal, with maybe a few spooky options thrown in. I’ve put together a list of my favorites in case you want to lean into that Autumnal feeling too.

Autumnal Movies

Practical Magic
Hocus Pocus
The Witches
Lord of the Rings
The Village
Sleepy Hollow
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Goonies
You’ve Got Mail
Pride & Prejudice
Notting Hill
About Time
The Never-ending Story
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Others
Nightmare Before Christmas
Julie & Julia
Silence of the Lambs
Dead Poet’s Society
Addam’s Family Values
Little Women
Far From the Madding Crowd

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