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Things are heating up in LA, but nothing beats those cool Summer nights. When you can still get away with a leather jacket outside. It’s going to get hotter, so soon I’ll have to ditch my outerwear, but until then, I’m sticking to my favorites. This jacket is a Forever21 real suede jacket that I had my Stay Home Club patch attached to. It’s pretty much me in a nutshell – I’m almost always in bed before 11pm.

Once it gets to the dead of Summer, I’ll be pretty much living in this tank top from one of my favorite local labels, Idylwild. There’s just something so perfect about it’s 70s-country-ness. I’m pretty positive I’ve worn it three days this last week, and will likely wear it again tomorrow. It’s just too perfect to sit at home in my closet.

two steppin’ tank / PYLO jeans / stay home club patch

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