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What’s this, two blog posts in a row? Say it ain’t so! I just had to post this one because this dress is pretty swell. Also, it’s from Swell, so that’s a little blogger-humor for you. This is the outfit I wore last week to the ‘Oddballs of Comedy’ show that I went to, and I love it! Super easy breezy, and a total life-saver in the heatwave we experienced. I love the cutout on the front, and while the length was a little shorter than I’m used to, I liked it! Especially with a cozy flannel tied around my waist to give me something to sit on during the show.

Plus, it totally matched my nail wraps from Go Scratch It! What are the odds??? This outfit is kind of my go-to style right now. It looks pulled together, but it’s just so easy to throw on and head out the door. And as an added bonus, the tie in the front helps give it a bit of a cool-girl, sexy edge, which I’m all for. 

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday – I’m headed out the door to go play video games at a vintage arcade in Downtown, and I couldn’t be more pumped. Maybe I’ll just re-wear this whole outfit again…

SWELL dress / GO SCRATCH IT nail wraps / thrifted clogs / WESSLEY NYC bag

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