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Recently I’ve been wearing a bit more dressier looks than normal. I got engaged, and suddenly the world seems like it is filled with girly looks. And here’s the thing – I love it. I get to be a fiance, I get to be girly, and I get to dress up a bit. There’s things like engagement parties, and bridal showers, and all of that stuff in my near future, and half of the fun seems to be getting dressed for it all.

When I saw this twin-set from Everly, I was hooked. It’s so simple, and in a color that i think is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and hair color. It’s easy to put on, fun to prance around in, and perfect for photos. Get ready for it to make many more girly appearances. Check out Everly on Pinterest for more of their cute dresses!

everly set c/o : Everly Clothing

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