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It’s the start of the week- and now that I’m back in LA, that means trying to sort out my schedule, running errands I’ve put off since before my honeymoon, and auditioning. Which for me means keeping things simple outfit-wise.

This stripped-down outfit is one of my favorite looks I’ve shot for the blog. I didn’t curl my hair, I barely put makeup on, and yet I still felt chic. That’s the magic of a perfect French label like Sézane. Their simple pieces instantly elevate pretty much any outfit.

For this look I kept the palette simple, and was able to get dressed in record time. Score. I paired this silk blouse with my trusty Redone high rise crops, these vintage Chanel mules I found on eBay for $60 (!!!), and a simple navy wallet clutch.

I’ve been in love with navy shades for a while, and while I expected my love to slow down eventually, it hasn’t. Navy leather especially has my heart at the moment, and I’m planning on adding a few navy sweaters to my collection this fall. There’s just something about it – when I would normally reach for black, I am finding myself drawn to this classic shade more and more.

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