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This was the year that I got married. And while my husband and I already lived together for 2 years prior to tying the knot, we decided to do a little re-deisgn of our living room with Homee to celebrate our new life together. Click through to see the transformation!

Okay, take a deep breath, because the before photo you are about to see is not my proudest moment. In fact, I hoped never to have to reveal what our couch situation was like (hence covering it with a blanket) because it was just so embarrassing. Okay. Are you ready? Scroll down.

YIKES. That couch was a freebie we found on Craigslist, and boy am I glad we didn’t spend money on it. Eric and I picked it up curbside when we first started living together, and spent about 2 days deep cleaning it with a rug doctor to try to get the stains out. Obviously that didn’t work, so for nearly 2 years we put a blanket on top, and tried to ignore ‘what lay beneath’. Again, I am not proud of this.

But when we first got engaged we talked about wanting to have our apartment more closely reflect both of us. To be honest, a lot of the furniture in our house was things I had brought with me when we moved in together, or things I chose on my own. I didn’t do a great job of including Eric in design decisions, because I assumed he didn’t care what our place looked like as much as I did. All in all, a fairly selfish move on my part.

And so our apartment evolved to reflect mostly my taste, and didn’t take into account the things that he liked. As we got closer to the wedding, we made a move to fix the situation, and downloaded the home design app, Homee. At first we weren’t sure if an app could possibly work to redesign a space. How could it know what we needed? But we decided to give it a go.

First off, you’re not just scrolling through photos of pieces to purchase. You’re assigned a real live human to chat with in the app. I was ecstatic to see that we were paired with a designer named Claire, who seemed to totally get what we were going through. She asked us really smart questions, including what our budget was and what we hoped to accomplish. In the end, we decided that our biggest areas of concern were our couch (obviously) and our dark wooden and chipped coffee table. They both needed to go, and Claire was ready to hunt to find us the dream pieces.

Eric and I traded off using the app, chatting with Claire, and looking through the pieces she had found. We not only had a great dialogue going with our designer, we were finally talking about what furniture WE liked, and not just what I liked. Progress, people, it can happen. And as we talked, we realized that we don’t have that different of aesthetic from each other – we agreed on most pieces. Sure, there were a few suuuuper modern coffee tables that I was sold on that Eric didn’t like – but when we saw the final two picks, we knew we had found OUR aesthetic.

So without further delay – here is the after:

That’s right people. A beautiful gorgeous MARBLE coffee table and a velvet couch. Such a change from our old beige and dark set-up. Our living room felt so drab before, and while it is still muted, it feels a lot more lively with a bright white coffee table. Obviously Mops loves the couch (I physically could not get her to get off of it while shooting these photos), and we do too. It’s roomier, sturdier, and most importantly CLEAN. Can I get an amen?

The process of using Homee was so easy, and we actually made all of our final decisions while on our Honeymoon, and road tripping throughout the south. We were able to check in with Claire, lock down which pieces we wanted, and then purchase through the app. They set up all of the delivery details, and I got a text right before the couch arrived. It was so easy, and we were able to get the room set up days after returning from our Honeymoon. It felt like that ‘carrying over the threshold’ moment I’ve seen in movies with a new bride. Except with a couch. Same thing.

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