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Two blogposts in a row about my apartment? Who would have thought that was possible! I think living in a space for over a year is the key to it fiiiinally feeling like home. I’m not saying we were still unpacking or anything like that, but there are little details that emerge over time – specifically wall art.

When I was a teenager, I had posters on my wall. Tons of posters. And magazine cut-outs, and stickers, and those little glow-in-the-dark stars. That was my idea of wall art. Just grab something, throw it up there with SCOTCH TAPE and call it a day. I covered the walls of my bedroom, and for me that was art.

When I got a little bit older, my walls became covered in thrifted paintings and random vintage signs that I would find at thrift stores. Plenty of them were kooky, and most of them weren’t my style, but they were under $4, so for me at that time, that was art.

Now that I work from home, I’m starting to focus more of my energy on how the space looks. I’m not coming home after a long day at work and just collapsing on the couch – I’m here allllll day, looking around. It is both my office and my home, and I want it to reflect what I love (and what my husband loves of course). So this time around my art became actual pieces of art that are, wait for it, framed! I’ve never felt more like an adult that hanging a real live framed print on my wall. No scotch tape this time around.

We chose 5 different pieces of varying size from Minted and put them in both my kitchen and my office. I love Minted – I actually used them to design my wedding invites, so when I was looking for artwork they were a natural choice. I chose two incredible large prints of cacti, and three cheeky little prints for a gallery wall in my mini office. The update is subtle, but I love the way it elevates our space. Scroll through to see more photos of the spaces!

cactus print

cactus print #2

print 1 / print 2 / print 3

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