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My home is my happy place, but my happiest place in my home is definitely my bed.

Sure, my office is just down the hallway, and while that’s where a hive of activity takes place, it’s not where I look forward to spending my time at the end of the day. The bedroom is the peaceful part of the house. We’ve done our best to really is kept as minimal and bed-centric (if you will) as possible. It’s a quiet little refuge in a home that is often being used for shoots, receiving packages, and styling looks.

And since the majority of my time spent in our bedroom is sleeping or lounging, having incredible bedding is key. I’ve gone through different phases of bedding over the years, and to be honest, none of it really stood the test of time. I used to buy the cheapest sheet sets, and over time they would get so thin and worn, gray and old. Not a cute look, and not a very inviting place to lay ones head down at the end of the day.

My home is my happy place, but my happiest place in my home is definitely my bed.

So recently I stripped off my last set of old sheets, and replaced them with this new set by Snowe. I’ve known Snowe as being makers of amazing kitchenware and decor (usually at the top of anyone’s wedding registry), but I didn’t know they made bedding as well. Turns out, they’re really really great at it. Their new linen sheets are unlike anything I’ve felt before, owing to the fact that their number one goal was to make their sheets softer than ever.

I love the look of linen. The texture and the natural look of the weave. But I haven’t always loved the feel of linen, mostly because I find it never to be quite as soft as I’d like. Sure, I own plenty of linen pieces for wearing, but hadn’t really found the right set for sleeping in. That said, from the moment I put these sheets on my bed, I knew I was in trouble – mostly because now I lounge in bed a lot longer than I used to in the morning, so my poor inbox is suffering. These sheets are incredibly soft, and they just feel so natural to lie on.

I also really fell in love with the softness of the color. Crisp white sheets have never really been my thing, so I was immediately drawn to this set of Ash Grey sheets and pillowcases. It’s just so inviting to lie in them, and there’s no ultra-bright hotel / hospital feel to them. Just a perfect place to lay my head down at the end of the night.

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