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If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am bath obsessed.

I even have my own hashtag dedicated to my love of bathing (#plfbathtime), so it’s no wonder that the bathroom in our new home is going to be a major focal point. But, I’m a bit divided on what I would like to do with our bathroom, and am of two minds.

While I have no desire to have a modernized bathroom (gray tiles, a glass shower door, and brand new fixtures is SO not me) I am trying to narrow in on what the bathroom will look like when it is complete. I definitely want a vintage / antique vibe, so have gathered two different visions (see more on my Pinterest page) that I hope to marry together in our bathroom.  Scroll down to see the two vibes I’m loving and sources for the pieces I’m hoping to add.

The Inspiration : Bright, Airy, and Warm

Obviously the main focal point of the bathroom will be the clawfoot (oh yes, there will be one) so with that said, I’ve been sourcing inspiration for tub-centric bathrooms, and found plenty of bright and airy spaces. I love the vibe of these rooms because while they are still firmly vintage and antique, they feel modern with how bright the space is. Some brass highlights, warm wooden tones, and painted white walls covered in wood.

How I’ll translate it into my space

While I do love the look of the painted wood walls in the bathroom, I’m thinking the shiplap route may be a bit too modern for my taste. I love the idea of the vertical boards (even with a ledge that runs around the middle, sort of like wainscoting?) and can’t quite decide if I’ll go for a lighter color for the tub like above, or maybe paint it darker. Definitely will be utilizing the brass bath caddy I picked up a few months ago (see below) and if there is room, maybe a little wooden stool. Still am undecided on wood floor or tile for the flooring – tbd.

Shop the look:

The Inspiration : Antique Bathing Room

While I love the bright and open look of the inspiration photos above, I am especially excited to bring in an element of – and I’m not sure how exactly to describe this but I’ll try – antiquey imperfection. I love spaces like the ones below because of the ornate little details. The prints on the wall, the patterns, the messy grandeur of it all. It’s definitely not modern and I think that’s what draws me to it most.

How I’ll translate it into my space

Rather than have everything be entirely neutral, I’d love to play around with some color and some pattern – perhaps in a fun wallpaper? I’m in love with the ‘coven’ print below and while I’m not sure if I can sway Eric on it, I do think we will go for some unexpected touches. Perhaps a shell tiled wall behind the tub or else some framed antique prints on the wall. Something that can hint at our home’s original 1920s charm in a fun way.

Shop the look:

Inspiration images sourced from Pinterest 


  • Lauren
  • January 22, 2020

This is going to look so amazing! We are re-doing our bathroom right now and it’s getting close to finished… We’ll see! I’m sure you have plenty of inspiration, but @thegoldhive is a great blogger who does lots of period-appropriate restoration and updates to her home in San Diego. Very focused on sustainability, too! Can’t wait to see your designs come to reality!

  • builders lake hayes
  • October 21, 2020

Such a wonderful blog about bathroom renovation inspo and I appreciate your effort for bringing this in to notice. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!!

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