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Summer officially starts on Sunday.

And while this Summer may mean more time spent indoors, I’m still finding ways to get outside and experience a little sunshine. On a recent trip to the beach, I packed along some of my newer favorites for glowing skin + nourished hair + pedicured feet this season. In this blog post I’m featuring a few of my favorite Black-owned brands which you’ll see noted with an asterisk. Today is Juneteenth, and it’s a great time to support Black-owned businesses.

  • FURTUNA OIL // I’ve shared about Furtuna in the past (and featured their serum in this blogpost) but the latest from their brand that I’m enjoying is this face oil. It smells so natural and fresh, and in the below photo (unretouched entirely) you can see the glow that it’s been giving my skin. I’ve been using it every other day for about a month, and it sinks in so perfectly. I’m a big fan of Furtuna, and I love their commitment to natural ingredients and the fact that this oil works to not only moisturize but also to repair the skin. It’s not quite launched yet (I received this as a PR sample) but when it is, I highly recommend looking into the brand.
  • *MENTED NAIL POLISH // This nail polish is deeply pigmented and goes on so beautifully. I’ve been taking a break from nail polish over the past few months, but decided I really wanted to give myself a pedicure. I don’t have a photo of what my nails looked like fresh (before running through the sand) but trust me when I say this color is everything. I’m wearing ‘Yes We Tan’ and it’s the shade I’ve always been searching for. I’m especially excited to order their liquid lipstick next as I’ve heard great things, and the shade Blood Orange is calling my name.
  • *LIHA BODY OIL // This body oil is everything. I have very sensitive skin, and have to be careful what I apply, particularly after shaving. I’ve found this oil moisturizes beautifully, sinks in, and has the most incredible smell. In these photos the oil has gone slightly more solid (owing to the temperature) and I love that it looks like milk. It truly feels creamy when you apply it, and I love that it is packaged in glass. Add a few drops to your bath water if you’re looking for a real pamper.
  • PLAYA MONOI MILK LEAVE IN CONDITIONER // If your hair will be getting more sun this Summer, it’s important to keep things hydrated. I love Playa’s products (currently waiting on a dry shampoo in the mail), especially since they are cleanly formulated. This leave in conditioner has really hydrated my hair lately, and makes combing my hair after a wash a lot easier.
  • NECESSAIRE // There’s a reason why this brand has such a devoted following. Their products are incredible. I’ve purchased their fragrance free lotion a few times (I put it on my feet every other night with socks on) and was lucky enough to receive these samples in the mail. I haven’t tried any of their scented products yet, and fell in love with the eucalyptus body wash and the exfoliator. I used both in the bath the other day and the texture of the exfoliant is amazing. Tiny little granules that left my body so much softer. And as I’m starting to notice some sun damage to my décolletage, I’ve been using the body serum on that area to hopefully repair the skin. The texture is lovely and it seems to be helping! I received this set with all of the products I mentioned above + a few more, and the savings is great if you bundle it together.
  • *BUTTERLY MUSINGS // While this isn’t technically a beauty favorite, I couldn’t share this post without also recommending this zine, by VicStyles. I’ve been a fan of everything Vic does since we met on a photoshoot a few years ago, and her new zine is no exception. Beautifully produced with gorgeous photography and typography, plus it looks really beautiful on a coffee table or at the beach.
  • SUSANNE KAUFMANN WITCH HAZEL BATH // Chances are you’ve heard me talk about this line before, but just in case you haven’t, I’ll say it again. Susanne Kaufmann bath products are truly indulgent and make bathing feel especially lux. I love this Witch Hazel bath, and while I have the smaller version, I’ve linked the larger one at Violet Grey (my all time favorite beauty site) because I’m thinking you maaaay want to upgrade to the larger size. It smells amazing, and looks beautiful displayed too.

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  • Shirsha
  • June 25, 2020

Your photographs are absolutely stunning!

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