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Alright let’s go ahead an ignore a whole HOST of things in these photos. It’s like a ‘Where’s Waldo’ but for signs that I’m an absolute mess. Like the visible sock marks on my legs, the pile of beauty products from where I perch (Gollumn-like) on the ground to apply my makeup, and of course my hair that needs washing badly. I had 3 separate shoots yesterday, worked on the house over the weekend (the shed is nearly done!),  am planning a shoot in the city tomorrow, and am currently elbow deep in editing photos and videos. So staying in PJs the whole day makes sense.

Something about them being a fancy matched set makes me feel somewhat put together, and they are definitely coming with me to Italy. They are made from the thinnest cotton which means they’ll not take up space (I’ll likely roll them and put them in one of my shoes that I pack), and the separate pieces could be worn out and about if needed. I could easily see the shorts working with a one-piece swimsuit if we have a beach day, and the top looks amazing with denim, so it solves my need to have everything be multi-function.

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