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As many of you know, just last month Eric and I said goodbye to our very small but very cozy apartment, and moved into a house. For our entire relationship,we have lived in small spaces, and while where we’ve moved isn’t massive, it feels practically palatial to us. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a dining room, so getting to decorate the space has been challenging but fun. For the first part of the tour, I’d like to share the joint living room and dining room as it is right now.

expandable dining room table

A disclaimer – ever since moving, I’ve spent the past few weeks saying that ‘I’ll do a home tour when everything is done.’ Which would mean waiting months to find the “perfect” pieces, and postponing the process of sharing the space. I cam up with a million dumb reasons not to do this post (we don’t have a rug, there’s Christmas decor up, I don’t like that chair, etc.), but no actual good reasons. Rather than wait for perfection, I’ve decided to share the home just as it is right now.

bottle brush trees / PLF candle / woven charger

fox + raccoon ornaments

rattan charger via Hunt&Hand

Velvet Chairs : green, blue, pink

triangle wall shelf

vintage lampshade (similar here)

Target Barcart (similar here) / record holder via The Oak Closet / wall lamp (similar here and here)

marble coffee table / pintuck pillow / velvet couch (similar here)

Hjelm side table

faux fur dog bed

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  • Melanie Malone
  • February 22, 2019

Seriously obsessed with your home decor. Thank you so much for always linking things out and letting us know about sales. I think you’d be flattered if you came into my home and saw the similarities (hopefully not weirded out ) I love your content. Keep it coming! @bewarethegroove_r

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