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Cozy chilly mornings are one of my favorite things about Autumn. Bundling up, grabbing a coffee, and heading out the door early to get the day started is heavenly. I’m an early riser by nature, so getting to take a walk early and relish the calmness of the day is something I try to do often.

One of my favorite things to do in the Autumn is take a walk around Echo Park lake in the morning. Sometimes with Mops and Eric, sometimes alone, but always with a coffee or a latte. It’s soothing being able to start the day this way, and even better when I can wear something comfy on my feet. I finally was able to break out these chestnut Koolaburra boots for the occasion, and it was pretty much the best way to get moving. Starting the day slow isn’t always something I’m able to do, but just having a moment to be outside and enjoy the weather makes all the difference in the world.

all photos shot by @champagneunicorns // this post was sponsored by Koolaburra – all opinions expressed are my own

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