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Every holiday season, I get amazing cards in the mail from our friends and family. Custom Christmas cards with pictures of the people I know and love on them. I’ve never made my own – until this year. Since this is our first Christmas as a married couple, it felt like this year was the perfect year to send some!

I used Shutterfly to create my own Christmas cards featuring a photo of Eric and I from one of the trips we took this year. It felt like the perfect way for us to share a part of our year with our loved ones. We love to travel, and the picture I chose captures who we are as a team. Plus, would you look at that glitter? I’m in love. I even got the glitter patterned envelope to match my card. On the back – a small photo from our wedding day, and my new last name that I get to share with everyone I know.

And since I’m so excited about my new last name I created custom cutting boards for us and our relatives. Seeing the letter N on there and really feeling like a part of my husbands family is so amazing. I know I’ll get used to it eventually and it won’t feel as special as it does right now, but this is such an exciting time for me as a newlywed, and I had to share it with our family. These will make perfect gifts and I love that we will all have matching pieces to remember this year by.

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